Solutions for your future

D-Project is a school dealing with the orientation of your life and the management of your career, emphasizing on “wellness”. We offer you multiple choices of seminars using an innovative method with proven results. This guides the participants to have a better balance in their professional and private life and reduces stress as well.

Life is a great adventure, and it is very important not to go ahead without any direction, guide, or a compass. Especially, a compass should function correctly and not be out of order. Each time you try to find a way in your life, an equal number of problems appear. Sometimes it is very rare that you can have the feeling of “wellness”. For us, this compass consists of 4 elements: Our physical condition, our mental condition, our intelligence, and our sensibility. Even a slight unbalance (or default) in one of the elements would result in a malfunction of the compass, which influences your life direction.

How is the condition of your compass recently? Are you succeeding in having a good balance of the elements, and thereby maintaining the compass in your everyday life?

Our purpose is to observe and control the balance of your compass, and help you to cope with any kind of problems that appear, especially the problems that would disturb your sense of “wellness” and clear direction.